Critical Thinking


A Public Talk with Keith Rowan

6.45 pm Wednesday 1st. May (after the optional 6 pm meditation)

COST : Free. Any donations to the Buddhist Centre are appreciated.

VENUE : Nelson Buddhist Centre, 87 Nile Street, Nelson

Critical thinking is often held to be separate from or even the opposite of faith or devotion. This talk will make the case that not only aren’t they separate, but that there may be no critical thinking without faith and that both faith and devotion are the natural result of critical thought. In turn faith and devotion can open new horizons for critical thinking.

Keith Rowan has, since 1973, travelled 5 continents studying Buddhism. He has been fortunate to have had teachings and direct guidance from many great Buddhist scholars and mentors. He has been sharing the Dharma and facilitating retreats for over 20 years in several countries. Keith’s real skill though, is in taking the core essence of Buddhism, and making it accessible to the western mind and practical for today’s world.