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Nelson Classes with Bonni Ross & the ever irrepressible spontaneous Matthew Eades



1.     A deep or considered thought about something.

2.     The action of chewing the cud.

              (Oxford English Dictionary) 

Tuesdays March 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th     7.15pm


Nelson Buddhist Centre 87 Nile St, Nelson, Opposite Central School


In her first teachings offered as a Kiwi resident, Bonni will share considered (and occasionally light-hearted) reflections on the relevance of the 2,600 year-old Buddhadharma to 21st century living.

Individuals committed to the path of awakening participate in healthier families, friendships, and communities. Awakening communities contribute to the political and social conversation in institutions that govern our society.

It is true that the world wakes up one human heart at a time. However, by pondering and sharing deeply together, we can speed this process up, for the benefit of all living beings!

Everyone is welcome for any or all of these classes. Spread the word and just turn up.


Cost: $5 (for room hire) plus Dana for Bonni.

For more information contact: Diane: 0210 025 35843