Nelson Buddhist Centre

Sunday Study Group - Lojong Mind Training

Weekly, each Sunday

From 11:45 a.m. until 1:15 p.m.

The next series of our long running study group starts 18th. April. We will be examining how to train our mind and by mind we Buddhists include the emotions and the heart. The basis of all Buddhist training is to free the mind of all negativity and release its natural, underlying, spontaneous, joyful and compassionate nature. The trainings are broken into 7 sections which are further split into 59 individual slogans which can be used as a basis for contemplation through the week. They could be like inspirational messages on a fridge magnet! The slogans evoke all aspects of Buddhist philosophy and teaching from the highest view of the nature of reality to guidance on the minutiae of day to day living.

Whether a regular or new to the centre, all are most welcome.

If you cannot come in person, the sessions are streamed live on Zoom and you can interact that way. The zoom link is:

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