Nelson Buddhist Centre

Clear Seeing

Fri October 2nd – Fri October 9th

A seven day retreat with Keith Rowan

What we see and what we think we are seeing are not necessarily the same thing. We experience a world of ‘things’, believe them to truly exist, judge them desirable or undesirable and act accordingly.

This is a mistaken view which is at the root of all of our difficulties.

This deeply habitual view arises from a lack of close analysis, an ignoring of what is in front of us in every moment. Through a step by step process of close examination of our ‘here and now’ we can begin to dissolve habitual assumptions and reveal a state naturally calm, open and satisfying.

Keith Rowan has been inspired and guided by two wonderful mentors, Namgyal Rinpoche and Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche and by simply paying attention to what is happening. His teaching style comes from the traditions he was taught in - open, curious and friendly. Having grown up studying the dharma in the West, he has the ability to express age old truths in a modern context.

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre is a wonderful meditation centre in the wooded hills South West of Nelson. Quiet and secluded and designed specifically for retreat work it is the perfect place for this kind of exploration.


$602 or $86 per night ($532 0r $76 per for WET members) food and accommodation.

A donation (dana) for the teaching is optional. Keith offers these teachings freely to anyone interested.
Attending for just the first weekend (or longer) is OK. The Wangapeka also offers financial assistance in some cases.

To register your interest contact: [email protected]. A $100 deposit will be required.


Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre
355 Upper Wangapeka River Road
RD2 Wakefield 7096