Nelson Buddhist Centre

Cultivating a Positive Heart

Weekly, each Sunday

From 7 p.m. until 8:15 p.m.

The natural state of beings is kindness and compassion. The greatest obstacle to maintaining a good heart is anger. No one lives comfortably with anger. In these weekly sessions we'll explore the excellent teachings on Patience - The Antidote to Anger from Shantideva's classic text "The Guide to the Way of Life of a Bodhisattva". Despite this text's age, the guidance given by Shantideva using clear reasoning is completely relevant to us today. When it comes to developing a good heart, diminishing fear and living with confidence, we today are no different from beings living a thousand years ago.

NOTE: These sessions are online only. To join use the following link and password:

Meeting ID: 886 5544 2909 Password: dharma

Resources: You can download a .pdf file version of the text with commentary here:




On line only
On line only