Nelson Buddhist Centre

Cutting the Roots of Anxiety

Sat December 14th
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Sun December 15th
10 a.m. to noon

For so many, anxiety can be a major component of the day. How can it be that this unpleasant feeling which nobody wants can arise in our own hearts and minds yet we feel incapable of dismissing it? The root cause is a lack of mind training. Just as we learn to become skilful with our arms, legs, hands and feet, we can develop heart/mind skills. These talks will introduce the possibly surprising discovery, passed down from the Buddha, that our sense of well-being doesn’t depend on exterior circumstances at all but is within our own control. The talks will introduce some simple to learn mind tools which, if used, can diminish anxiety and eventually cut it off at the root.

Keith Rowan has studied, practised and offered Buddhist teachings for over 45 years on five continents. “For me, the teachings of the Buddha have never been about being a ‘Buddhist’. His teachings are not about elaborate and strange belief systems. They are about who we are, the challenges we face and our true birthrights - kindness, love and liberation.”

Enquiries to Keith : 03 546 8419 | [email protected]


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